A strategic corporate collective committed to making a positive impact in society.

Welcome... So glad you are here

Tina Michelle International ensures partners like you have the tools they need to create meaningful change by focusing on brand architecture, asset and influencer management, and media distribution.

Together, we form a strategic constellation of heart-aligned individuals and organizations dedicated to transforming our worlds and inspiring others to do the same.

We understand that to fuel this shift, we need three types of individuals:

The Cast of Change


The activists, with their unwavering determination, stop social offenses and defend civil liberties at the point of offense.


The actionists mobilize sustainable strategies for lasting change, ensuring that progress continues long after the initial spark.


Lastly, the transactionists— organizations, corporations, technologists, institutions, politicians, and brands of social influence—are vital in amplifying the movement and creating a contagious effect through their resources and influence.

By partnering with change agents, we empower them to change their local economies.

We integrate this Cast of Change into our management systems and develop the brand architecture and production and distribution models to best support their messages.

As part of the global think-tank and media production and distribution collective, your company can utilize our combined knowledge, resources, and reach to amplify our combined yet aligned message of change. 

We believe we CAN change our worlds.